Kratom – for what?

Because we do not  sell Kratom as a drug, some people came up with the question what to use Kratom for. Below, we provide a(n incomplete) list of possible ways of how to use Kratom. Have a look - you might be interested in one or the other!



There do exist some studies on Kratom by now, but not many enough by far.

We sell Kratom to scientists, institutes, as well as private persons.These institutes and persons do different studies on Kratom (chemical, biological, …). In case you are trained or interested in this field, our Kratom will be ideal for you to work with. Feel free to send us your results, we will appreciate it!



Some of our customers gather plant material. For those of you who gather, our sample pack, containing all sorts of Kratom, turns out to be especially attractive. What you get is a small portion of different Kratom plants from different growing areas. You will see that the sorts we offer differ significantly in appearance, and make up a valuable part of your collection. Happy gathering!



Boiling Kratom in water, you can make an extract, or stock. After 30-60 minutes you should sieve the leaves, or the powder. Thereafter, simmer it until the water is ALMOST boiled away, and what you get is a brown viscous paste. This paste is ideal for painting and/or decorating, as it gives the paintings or objects a beautiful reddish shimmer as soon as it is dry. Of course, you can also purchase ready-made extracts. Stirring/Mixing in a (tiny) bit of water, you should get the exact same product. Be careful to use hot water to dissolve the extract more easily.


This is the first picture on the world painted with kratom extract. The extract was selfmade from Borneo White Vein. In total we used ~ 5g of this extract. The name of the painter will be anonyme.


Name: Strange Circumstances - 2012,  30x24cm!


Das erste Bild auf der Welt gemalt mit Kratom!




You enjoy hosting friends? And you have the right touch in the choice of fancy, non-standard decoration? Well, then you might be interested in Kratom leaves as table decoration! Especially the crushed version of our Kratom leaves turns out to make up a beautiful table decoration. Just sprinkle your table, or any surface else, with crushed Kratom leaves (maybe in combination with other coloured leaves, maybe red, blue, white, yellow?) and, we assure you, your guests will be thrilled!

As described above, our Kratom can also be used as a brown/reddish colour. Easter eggs, for example, turn out to be perfectly suitable for the colouration with Kratom. Boil water and mix in a little Kratom, and, in just one step, you get your easter eggs boiled and coloured. Since the boiling time for eggs is only about 10 minutes, the eggs’ brown colour will be rather light (beige). In addition to that, you can paint the brownish eggs with the Kratom paste described above. Thereafter, you can sprinkle the Kratom-coloured eggs with green, pulverized Kratom, before they are dry. If you like the natural, inartificial, and simple way of embellishment, Kratom will be perfect for you to live out your creativity - you will be surprised about the numerous ways in which Kratom can beautify the dullness of everyday life! Attention: Kratom-coloured eggs are to be used as decoration ONLY. Do not serve them as food. During the process of colouration, alkaloids can get into the egg’s protein. In case you have children living at home, or genereally, if children may be exposed to those eggs, you should refrain from colouring eggs with Kratom.


If you know other ways of how to use Kratom, feel free to let us know! Other customers may also be grateful for that!